• House Painting Tips

    February 14, 2016
  • Popular Mechanics was a magazine I occasionally got to read as a youngster and it was always full of amazing advice and tips on how things work and how you can pull them apart - with enthusiasm! 

    Now Popular Mechanics is readily available online and while reading through a recent online issue, I came across an article on "Smart tips for painting your house". The article reminded me that I should learn some essential basics first before I decide to paint the house exterior. However if I decide to hire a pro to do it, it was probably still good for me to know these tips anyway (that's the most likely option and its probably so I wouldn't annoy the pro with my regular bursts of "How's it going? Are we there yet?").

    So in summary here are the tips:

    1) Repair and repaint as soon as you notice paint starting to crack, blister, and peel.

    2) Choose the appropriate paint - water-based latex or oil-based alkyd paint. Latex cleans up with soap and water, dries quickly and remains flexible longer so it's less likely to crack. Alkyd paints require mineral spirits (paint thinner) for cleanup as opposed to just soap and water. 

    3) Pressure wash the house's exterior of all dirt, grime, mildew, and esidue first to help the paint adhere to the surface.

    4) Paint in the shady areas first. Direct sunlight or a sun-baked surface will make fresh paint dry too sooner and it won't adhere well and will probably blister and flake. 

    5) Start near the roof eaves first and work your way down the house.

    6) To avoid marks, brush from one wet surface onto another wet surface.

    Yes - its good for me to know these things - so I can relax and let the pro get on with it while I get back to reading Popular Mechanics!

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